College Enviornment

Education in Bafna College

Our course and training weaves teacher promotership, trust and interaction, skills, and knowledge around the course structure to unfold the potential of teacher and consequently impart a wholesome knowledge and learning to their future students. Due emphasis is provided on the language and teaching aptitude aspects.

Bafna College is a place where different subjects are taught. Best of the thoughts and new updates horizons of knowledge are explored, reviewed, reassessed and are reinterpreted in the changing context of time. Scholars from different areas get together for serious deliberations on different subjects; they exchange their views, apprehensions and conclusions. These views are validated and revalidated in order to reach consensus to formulate combined wisdom.

Education liberates the mind. While we are anxious to see that the quality of education given to the student is high, we also pay equal attention to bring about the overall development of their personalities. There are abundant opportunities for our students for given expression to their literacy and talent as well as sportsmanship. We are committed to see that the student coming out of portals of this University will be well studies and trained. We expect them to be responsible citizens and emerge as social capital of our nation. Thus, we have to undertake inward looking measures and outward looking activities for enhancing the academic visibility and social relevance while improving their own value system. Enhancing the quality of education is the task with as with prime importance.